We are here to learn through our own experiences and release us from attachments.

Unique concept, a new architectural experience

A mirror concept

green building

We dream to offer you a beautiful space, to reflect your soul and learn that you can be financially resourced for doing what you love.

22 reflection lofts

Each Loft has a living room, kitchen, king size bed and bathroom. Using first class building materials and with luxury finishes. The studios will be delivered fully furnished with turnkey.

Mirror glass cubes reflecting the jungle,iInspired by the Maraya Concert Hall in AIUIa, Saudi Arabia.

Affiliations and preferential prices in Sailing Club, Beach Club.

The project that respects 50% of its environment to achieve a feeling of privacy in each of the units.

Fully furnished studios, all of high quality.

Use of solar panels to save on electricity consumption in the lobby and all common areas of the development.

on December 2021.


Truly privileged location in Tulum, inside the sanctuary Holistika a total stress-free zone in the middle of the jungle, a place for healing, exploring and reflecting. This community offers intimacy and rapid access to a variety of services and immediate access to the hotel zone of Tulum.


We Build unique experiences in our developments.

The materials and equipment chosen allow energy savings and sustainable development

– Pool with Cauldron

– Yoga Area

– Bar

– Beach Club

– Gym

– Lobby

– Laundry

– Rest Room

– 24/7 Security

– Organic Supermarket

Exclusive Memberships

Sailing Club

Have you ever dreamed of learning to sail and being the captain of a boat and traveling the world? With Chay Tulum and Nautilus Sailing you can achieve this dream at a very affordable cost.
In the purchase of your loft in Chay Tulum for an additional amount of $4500 USD we will take care of registering you in any of the locations where Nautilus Sailing gives courses. Endorsed courses by the American Sailing Association.

Nautilus Sailing Monohull ( velero) Course
Monohulls are truly a blast to sail! The feeling of heeling in a fresh breeze on a monohull, and experiencing the power of the boat as sails are trimmed tight, is magical. We pride ourselves on offering our week long live aboard courses on the most modern sailboats available.
We offer courses in the Caribbean (Grenadines and Spanish Virgin Islands), Sea of Cortez (Mexico), Tahiti and Mallorca in Spain. Each of the boats we use has a 3 or 4 cabin layout. We reserve the spacious owner’s cabin in the bow of the boat for couples travelling together.
During the course of the week aboard explore over a dozen islands while you learn how to sail and operate the boat. It’s an intensive course that will provide you with the knowledge, skills and experience to embark on your own sailing adventures, whether you dream of chartering, or of one day setting sail on your own boat.
Upon successful completion of the course, you will earn American Sailing Association certifications 101,103 and 104 (including Bareboat Charter certification!). These week long live aboard courses truly are the trip of a lifetime!

For all Chay Tulum certified captains we will offer through Dream Yacht Charters the option to rent boats around the world at discounted prices. You don’t need to buy the boat and incur maintenance, docking and crew costs. From 1200 usd per person you can rent a sailboat in the more than 60 locations of Dream Yacht Charters in the world.
If you only want to be a passenger and not become a captain, your membership will give you access to our concierge service to rent boats throughout the world through Dream Yacht Charters or Friendly Regatta, companies dedicated to sublet cabins on sailboats and catamarans with captain. You will have the dream vacation at a fraction of the cost by renting just one cabin instead of the entire ship, you will make new friends in the process and you will have experiences to tell your children and grandchildren.

Sleep in a HäSTENS

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in the bed where royalty sleeps? Hastens is a Swedish brand that has been in the mattress business since 1852. They claim to be the best bed in the world – a mattress made from natural, non-synthetic materials.

Hästens manufacture beds and mattresses by hand using natural materials like cotton, horse hair, wool and flax. Hästens retail stores also sell branded premium bedlinen, pillows, duvets and accessories. The company was founded by Pehr Adolf Janson in 1852 as a master saddler business and is still a family-owned company. David Janson shifted their focus in the early 1900s from making saddles to making beds. By 1952, a century after its foundation, they had become the official bedding supplier of Sweden’s royal court.
Thanks to our collaboration with Hästens Mexico for the amount of an additional 8,000USD, your loft in Chay Tulum will be furnished with a Hastens mattress instead of the mattress described in our contract.

Our philosophy has been to hide the existence of architecture by reflecting on the jungle that surrounds it; creating an inherently beautiful object that blends in with its surroundings.
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